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Assessing the Security Needs of Warehouses and Docks

September 10, 2021

Once overlooked and ignored, supply chain networks have become an integral part of the business world. The importance of supply chains has also benefitted warehouses, elevating their status. Although businesses have maintained warehouses for centuries, they’re becoming more diversified with the functions they perform. Many companies are now using their warehousing facilities as a distribution center or as the initial stage for order fulfillment.

Most warehouses and docks are often in remote locations. These facilities frequently span vast areas, requiring space, which may be expensive in an urban area. In addition, many companies try building their warehousing facilities near ports to allow for quicker loading and stocking during the shipment process.

Like any retail or commercial store, warehouses and docks also have security needs.

Assessing the Security Needs of Warehouses and Docks

According to Loss Prevention Media, warehouses accumulate annual losses of $15 to $30 million because of unforeseen risks. These unforeseen risks include cargo thefts and warehouse thefts. Businesses look to minimize costs at every turn, and unexpected risks bearing hefty losses can be the fine line between a firm turning a profit and incurring a loss. Therefore, companies must identify critical factors that need security reinforcement in their warehouses and docks. Some of the security needs of warehousing facilities and docks include:

Fire Hazards

Warehousing facilities feature rows of inventory stocked tightly on shelves. A minute incident can cause a massive fire outbreak, causing the company to incur thousands, if not millions, in losses. In addition, such events can also put employee safety in jeopardy. Companies can avert these problems by installing the necessary fire-safety equipment, such as sprinklers, fire extinguishers, etc.

Moreover, warehouses also need to hire security guards. However, you must ensure that you employ a trained security guard from a professional security guard company. In case a fire does break out, trained security guards have the knowledge and understanding of safety protocols to take emergency action.

Perimeter Protection

Many criminals often view warehouses as prime targets because of their remote location. Moreover, many warehouses are empty at night, creating an ideal opportunity for burglars to break in and steal valuable inventory. Although implementing video technology can help, it’s not enough. We recommend employing night security guards to monitor your warehousing facilities when no one’s around. Moreover, you also need mobile patrol guards to actively patrol your warehouse’s perimeter to ensure nothing is amiss.


Preventing theft can often be a tricky endeavor, primarily because anyone can steal from your warehouse. While you can implement several measures to stop burglars from stealing your stock, you must also focus on your employees. Employee fraud is a common problem but addressing it can be a challenge. We recommend implementing CCTV cameras throughout your facilities to deter employees from considering theft. However, that’s not enough because employees can learn about any blind spots within your video system given enough time, which is why we recommend hiring security guards. Stationing security guards at every entrance and exit can be a beneficial deterrence to crime. In addition, you can also have security unarmed security guards inside your facility, monitoring all actions employees take.

Armed security guard

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