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4 Reasons Why Universities Should Pay More Attention to Physical Security

September 15, 2021

Some of the largest state universities can be home to tens of thousands of students, ranging from fresh-faced undergraduates to older students continuing their education. In addition, universities also host numerous events, attracting thousands of visitors. Moreover, they also have open houses and moving days, where prospective and new students tour the campus with their families. Universities get a lot of foot traffic, making it challenging to maintain security, making the need to implement more stringent security regulations essential.

In addition, ride-sharing and food delivery services have also resulted in more unauthorized people entering university facilities, raising security concerns. Now more than ever, universities need to pay more attention to their physical security.

Why Universities Need Stricter Security Measures?

There are various reasons why universities need stricter security protocols. These include:

Ride-Sharing Services

Before ride-sharing services became widespread, managing car traffic was relatively straightforward. Most universities would require students to fill out a form with their vehicle details and license plates. Then, the university would let them use its parking facilities. However, with services like Uber and Lyft, university campuses are witnessing an influx of traffic, causing wait and delays in passenger pick-up and drop-off zones. Moreover, even the best security guards are unable to identify these ride-sharing cars, raising security concerns. Intruders can gain entry onto university premises by posing as ride-sharing drivers.

There’s no viable way for universities to reliably track and identify all these vehicles, which is why implementing an Automatic License Plate Registration System (APLR) is essential. Moreover, universities can also strengthen security by hiring more unarmed security guards to monitor every campus entrance.

Food Delivery Services

Another challenge to university security stems from food delivery services. Students often order deliveries to their dorms. Food service personnel carry students’ food to their dorms and deliver it to their doorstep. While this may be convenient for students, it poses a significant security risk that universities must address. If a delivery person makes regular trips to a dorm, they might identify which rooms are occupied and which aren’t.

Universities need to ensure they utilize video surveillance to track delivery personnel when they enter the premises. Moreover, using an access control system will also benefit security measures. Requiring personnel to check in with a trained security guard could help avert problems.

Theft Vulnerability

Many universities and colleges are also reporting increased theft on campuses. Universities, by their inherent nature, contribute to the problem because students have set schedules. If a person becomes aware of a student’s program, they can enter their room while the student’s in a class or at an extracurricular session and steal their belongings. Dorms and parking areas are often the sites of theft.

Universities can remedy this problem by hiring mobile patrol guards to safeguard campuses. In addition, night guards are also essential for keeping parking areas safe.

security guard on night duty

Bullying and Assault

Although the hazing culture is slowly dissipating from most colleges, there’s still a concern about bullying. Students need protection not only from outsiders but also from other students. In addition, assault and harassment cases often occur on campuses, necessitating universities to implement additional security measures.

Universities need to address these problems by utilizing video technology and hiring a professional security guard company.

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