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2 of the Biggest On-Site Security Threats Faced By Businesses

September 24, 2021

Let’s face it, no matter how many years of experience you have or how strong your acumen is, successfully starting and managing a business isn’t easy. The technological revolution sure has bridged communication gaps but has also contributed to system disruption. Business owners are now implementing various strategies to keep up with the growing needs of their clients and customers.

This brings along a ton of security problems. Reports in 2020 showed that over 300 million people were victims of data breaches that resulted in the loss of sensitive data. Both big and small business owners need to take time and identify the risks in their security plan to prevent any threats. Here are some of the most common threats to watch out for:

1.   Tailgating for Unauthorized Entry

Although this might not seem like a business problem, you’ll be surprised to learn how tailgating can break a business. No matter how secure your entry system might be, attackers are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to decode. Tailgating is when a business person is followed by an attacker in a restricted area.

How does this happen? Let’s break it down. 

You’re driving to work, and the attacker follows you to your office. When you swipe your card, the office door opens and the attacker standing behind stops the door from closing. Keeping the security camera in mind, they might pretend to swipe a card and freely enter the area. This usually occurs during rush hours, making it difficult for the camera to identify faces or suspects. Stepping into a restricted area means the attacker has access to all confidential information and can harm your employees. 

An effective way to prevent tailgating is by hiring professional security guards. They will strictly assess all who enter and exit the premises ensures only authorized personnel are allowed.

Bodyworn, Body Camera, Police Body Camera

2.   Document Theft for Confidential Business Secrets

Offices will often have important files and documents lying on the desks or in the drawers and shelves. If these get into the wrong hands, your business can be in danger. This is why it’s important to ensure that all documents are locked at the end of each working day so that confidential information doesn’t get leaked. 

Hiring a security guard service will ensure no third person gets access to important data, helping your business thrive. 

Professional security guards will help protect your property and employees round the clock. Their presence will help eliminate all sorts of on-site threats like loitering, theft, and even vandalism. Our security guards at Professional Security Guard Inc. are meticulously selected and undergo rigorous training to ensure they meet the high standards of our company. They keep a close eye on their surroundings and assess a person based on their body language. They also help in reporting unfamiliar faces to the authorities immediately. 

If you’re looking for customized security solutions for your company in Riverside County, we’re your go-to place. We take pride in offering unmatched security services to their clients in Los Angeles, Orange County, and other locations in Southern California.

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