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Are Security Guards Necessary for Healthcare Facilities?

October 1, 2021
healthcare facility

When we think of hospitals, we expect these to be calm places where care and attention are given to those in need. However, you’ll notice that in most hospitals, security guards are a common sight. Well, the reason for this is multi-fold and can depend on the location of the healthcare facility as well. If you have a hospital or healthcare facility in Orange County, here’s how professional and licensed security guards can help: 

1. They Reduce the Risk of Violence

There can be instances when attackers enter your vicinity, putting the safety of your staff, patients, and their families at risk. With professional and trained security guards on duty, you can rest assured the atmosphere will always remain calm, and work will carry on systematically. If there is any violence, our guards can handle the situation tactfully. They help ensure that all patients and visitors feel safe at all times. Having professional help on board will also give doctors peace of mind knowing that any sort of violence will be taken care of. 

2. They Can Help Avoid Unnecessary Costs 

Did you know that a national survey highlighted that hospitals spent more than $400 million on medical care and additional charges to resolve violence? This is why most hospitals invest in professional security to avoid lump sum charges. Violence sees no boundaries, and during a fight, costly medical equipment can be damaged, leaving you with a heavy bill.

Precaution is always better than cure; our licensed security guards can eliminate the risk of violence, so you don’t have to worry about any related losses. Another important thing to note is that if a patient or visitor is harmed during violence that occurs in your hospital, then you’ll be held accountable. Security guards will patrol all high-traffic zones to ensure everything is running smoothly.

A security officer on patrol in a hospital area.

3. They Can Help Improve Efficiency and Productivity Levels

With a security system in place, you can expect centralized operations. Staff will be able to work to the best of their ability knowing that they’re in a safe and secure environment. This will improve patient experience and can also boost recovery time. People will recognize your facility as one that’s systematic and organized. 

Are you looking to hire licensed security guards for your healthcare facility in Orange Country? Get in touch with us. We’re a professional company managed by experts who provide unmatched security services to our clients in Los Angeles, Orange County. Take a look at our specialized services and the industries we serve. You can get in touch with us to learn more.