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4 Effective Ways of Preventing Theft at Your Retail Store

October 4, 2021
Security guard in a retail store.

Did you know that in 2016, in-store crime costs retailers more than $40 billion? Yes, that’s right! The National Retail Federation (NRF) highlights that shoplifting results in 36.5% of retail inventory shrinkage. This is why it’s important for retail owners to step up their game and make inventory protection their primary focus. Every product they have in store is an investment and is a future source of revenue. According to research in the U.S., every 1 in 11 people tends to shoplift. Here are some tips and tricks to deter theft and prevent your retail store from being the next target:

1.   Organization is Key

First and foremost, ensure that your retail store is completely organized. This means all goods and products are neatly lined in their positions in a specific order. This will help in identifying any missing items and also keep you updated with the inventory. Remember, all your products should be visible, and spaces between them would be ideal. Another organizational trick to remember is that higher-value goods should always be kept in the most visible sections. This includes the counter area.

2.   Prepare your Staff 

Next, take time to set some ground rules and regulations for your staff. Make sure you tell them about covering all spots and assisting customers when they enter a store. You can help them identify theft and teach them some tricks on how to prevent it as well. One effective way is training your staff to greet every single customer that walks in. This will help them detect any strange body language that they can immediately report. Inform your staff about the high-value goods and how extra care and caution is required around those particular items. 

Security guard in a retail store.

3.   Invest in a CCTV System 

A CCTV can be intimidating for a shoplifter and can potentially discourage them from shoplifting. Having proper video surveillance can help in reducing the possibility of theft while also saving you from merchandise loss. This is great for when you’re not physically present at the store, and want to monitor operations.  

4.   Integrate a Security System

While these tips are helpful on their own, nothing can beat the performance of professional security guards. We have a team of experienced guards who undergo rigorous training to ensure they deliver top-notch results. They will patrol your retail store, keep an eye on customers, check all access points and handle any violence tactfully. You can rest assured that your operations will be carried out systemically, and all sorts of crime and theft will be deterred.

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