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Are you looking for where to save cost and still achieve maximum security for your construction site? The Professional Security Guard company is your go-to security company. In the area of construction site security, we are a powerful brand to reckon with.


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Secure Your Construction Site with Our Expert Security Services

Want to better secure your construction site? Do that right with our construction site security services and surrounding areas.

Construction sites are vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and trespassing. By getting Construction security services , you can prevent these types of incidents with the help of on-site security personnel, patrolling security and effective implementation of security protocols and procedures.

Additionally, security services for your construction site also safeguard workers and equipment; ensure compliance with safety regulations; and maintain the overall safety and sanctity of the site.

Securing your construction site with construction security guards and other services helps you effectively guard your construction company’s assets. It also minimizes losses and ensures the safety and well-being of workers as well as the public.

See the Results of our Construction Security Solutions in Action

We have helped commercial, residential, industrial, institutional and many other construction site owners with our superlative construction site services. Here’s what our clients have to say about our work.


They are the real deal!

PSG is the best security guard company we have worked with. We can’t thank them enough for providing us security around the clock. They are the real deal!

James Corden – Ramada INC


We highly recommend them!

PSG really came through for us. Our staff feel much more safe having them guard our premises. We highly recommend them to any one looking for reliable security.

Steven Hart –  Tyson’s Corner


They make us all feel safe!

This is one of the best private security guard company in Southern California. They are reliable and their guards are top notch people. They make us all feel safe and secure.

Teresa Wright – Chase Bank

Unmatched Construction Site Security Services

Professional security Guard Inc. is renowned for its unrivaled, excellent Onsite Security Services. We believe in providing our clients with elite site security services to keep their construction sites out of harm’s way.

Our expert security professionals examine your construction site for any security lags. Our assessment helps us devise a foolproof construction site security plan that ascertains ironclad security for your site.

With exceptional security services, you get a secure construction site that is impermeable to safety breaches. Here is a breakdown of our unmatched on-site security services.

On-site surveillance

Our construction site security services include a combination of trained security personnel, that offer on-site surveillance as well as the implementation of strict security protocols to ensure maximum security at all times.

Mobile security patrol

Patrolling officer on foot, bike, cycle or vehicle will patrol the construction site at fixed hours, or round the clock to ward off intruders and maintain a secure construction site.

Tool & material protection

Our construction security personnel safeguards all the on-site tools, materials, equipment, machinery and construction supplies to minimize your losses and save assets.

Risk assessment

Skilled construction site security guards audit the site in detail for any risk assessment to incorporate appropriate security measures that reinforce the site’s overall safety.

Timely response to suspicious activities

Security guards at construction sites address and respond to vulnerabilities and suspicious activities, and involve the local law enforcement as required.

Incident recording & reporting

Competent construction guards and personnel record all types of incidents, and maintain detailed incident and security reports for the client and regulatory bodies.

Fire watch security

Experienced fire watch security personnel set fire safety protocols; ensure they are followed; monitor fire safety equipment such as smoke detectors, alarms; and keep fire hazards at bay.

Access control

Our construction security experts also look after the control of access to the site, including the use of security gates, barriers, managing security personnel and guards, and checking entry & exit points.

Loss Prevention

Naturally, when your construction site’s overall security enhances, you effectively minimize accidents, security breaches and unfortunate incidents that prevent and control losses.

24/7 customer service

We are available round the clock to better look after your construction site’s security needs, and cater to any queries, concerns and problems you have.

With our unparalleled construction site security services, rest assured that your commercial or residential site, equipment, and workers are well-protected so you focus on the construction process without worrying about security issues.

Elite Team of Construction Site Security Guards at Your Service

Our elite team of construction security guards is at your beck and call to enhance the complete security of your residential, commercial and private construction sites. Hire our experienced construction security guards to make sure all your construction assets, materials and site stay absolutely secure.

We prioritize your safety and assets the most. Our team of on-site security guards have multiple advanced certifications in construction site security to give you unmatched security services at all times.

Moreover, our construction site guards, firewatch men and other personnel undergo constant training to ensure they are up-to-date with latest trends, construction site security protocols and construction site security laws and regulations. Equipped with top-notch knowledge, strategies and techniques, they offer unparalleled protection to your construction site.

In lieu of the varying requirements of different construction sites, our skilled construction site personnel are well-trained to offer security to different sites including residential, industrial, commercial, infrastructure, institutional, heavy civil, mining, specialty, and natural disaster construction sites.

Additionally, they are updated with using advanced surveillance technology; know how to audit and assess security vulnerabilities; examine site for fire hazards and maintain fire watch security; and use various security equipment such as metal detectors, access control systems, barriers, perimeter fencing, surveillance cameras, portable lighting, alarm systems and the likes.

Our construction site security guards have brilliant communication skills and friendly nature so they are easy to work with. Plus, they are alert with an astute sense of observation to spot any security breach timely and address it appropriately.

A secure construction site leads to successful completion of the construction. Our outstanding construction security guards and personnel make that happen for you. Let us keep your sites 100% secure.

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Say goodbye to security problems, safety hazards, fire concerns, material destruction and any sort of loss to your construction site. Get our construction site security guards on board to optimize your construction site security.

Answers to All Your Construction Site Security Queries

Find answers to common questions about our construction security services in our FAQ section.

Professional Security Guard Inc. offers the following construction site security services:

  • On-site surveillance
  • Mobile security patrol
  • Fire watch guard security
  • Tool, material, machinery and asset protection
  • Risk audit and assessment
  • Addressing suspicious activities
  • Managing security breaches effectively
  • Incident recording and reporting
  • Access control
  • Construction site security plan creation
  • 24/7 customer support

Our construction site security guards have BSIS certification; ongoing training and security certifications; and many of them have military background.

We ensure the security of your construction site by first conducting a security audit and risk assessment analysis. Following that, we create a construction site security plan and advise you of the most appropriate construction site security services you require accordingly. Moreover, our security guards keep equipment safe, address safety hazards, observe security protocols, patrol the facility and offer surveillance to safeguard it.

Our construction site security guards are well-aware of the construction site safety regulations, laws and protocols, and comply with them to ensure 100% security of your construction site in southern California.

Our construction site security guards are uniformed, and can be armed or unarmed as per your requirements.

To schedule a security guard for your residential, commercial, institutional, industrial or other construction site in Los Angeles or surrounding cities, you need to get in touch with us, inform us of your needs, get a customized quote and book security guards.

To avail any or all of our construction site security services, you need to fill in our contact form with your name, contact number and email address. Our customer representative will get back to you shortly and book a consultation call with you.

Construction Site Security - Protecting Your Site in the Heart of Southern California

Professional Security Guard Inc is a construction site security company created with the aim of safeguarding your construction sites in Southern California.

With 10 years of offering elite construction site security services to a range of construction site owners and their properties, we have what it takes to amplify site’s security to a whole new level.

Thinking about whether or not our construction security guards are reliable?

Let us assure you that we have a rigorous hiring process in place to ensure we only bring trustworthy and capable security personnel on board. We conduct multiple, detailed background checks prior to hiring any security guard and other personnel. Following that, we provide them with ongoing trainings to ensure they are fit to take care of your construction site, and adhere to the security law, protocols, and regulation.

Get in touch with us today, fill in the form with your name, contact info and email, and book a free consultation call with us. Our experts will brief you about the entire process, and have our construction site security consultants examine your construction site to determine its safety needs.

Once our security audit is complete, we devise a solid construction site security plan for you to maximize your site’s security. We are here to provide you with unparalleled construction site protection. Let us be your saviors so you build your dream site peacefully.