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Private events and parties are vulnerable to security threats, emergencies, fights, and brawls. Avoiding such incidents is no less than a challenge for organizers and event managers. 

Whether it be keeping out unwanted guests, controlling the party, or dealing with emergency situations, our party security guards are trained to control any type of situation and security protocols. 

Let us take care of your private events with experienced, trained, and licensed security guards. Getting event security services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas is now plain and simple, and just a call away.


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Are you looking for extraordinarily efficient event security services in Los Angeles?

Professional Security Guard Inc. is the popular choice when it comes to top-notch and foolproof event security services in southern California. Based in Chatsworth, we are a reliable event security company offering a wide range of security services for different personal, professional and corporate events.

No two events are the same- each of them has their unique requirements. From catering to sports events to food festivals to talk shows to seminars to training workshops to weddings to birthday celebrations to trade shows to exhibition to parties- we provide event security for every event.

Paying heed to your event’s particular needs, we provide you with different event security services including crowd management, crowd control, baggage screening, supervision at the door, event security guards, emergency evacuation, fire watch guards, security patrol services and more.

By hiring our professional event security for your events in Los Angeles, you minimize the likelihood of undesirable events such as vandalism, chaos, theft, crowd mismanagement and fights.

Top Notch Event Security Services Los Angeles

Allow us to make your events a massive success with the following event security services:

  • Baggage screening
  • Parking enforcement
  • Parking ground security
  • Evacuation assessment & planning
  • Complete emergency evacuation
  • Entrance & exit supervision
  • Executive escorts
  • Incident and accident reports
  • Foot, car, bike and vehicle patrolling
  • Fire watchguarding
  • Crowd handling & administration
  • 24/7 customer assistance

We have made getting event security a smooth sailing for you. Get free consultation today!

Notable Event Security Company Makes Your Events More Memorable

Professional Security Guard Inc. is a reliable and established event security company operating from Chatsworth, California. With over a decade-long experience in providing a range of event security services to Los Angeles and nearby cities, we have built a stellar reputation in the industry.

We are a fully insured event security company with BSIS certification to our credit. Our entire event security staff including event security guards, bouncers, fire watch guards, watchmen and other personnel are highly trained, skilled and qualified to keep your events safe, secure and organized.

Honoring our values of accountability, accuracy, quality and honesty, we use all our resources to provide top-notch security for your events, and guarantee complete customer satisfaction. We understand how each event is different, and demands a special kind of security. Adhering to that, we have customizable event security services and plans for a wide variety of professional, personal, family, corporate and commercial events.

Our armed and unarmed event security personnel and staff have adequate experience in managing different events including birthdays, family gatherings, weddings, engagements, fundraisers, celebratory parties, corporate events, trade fairs, exhibitions, musical concerts, seminars and the likes. Being a versatile event security company, we have served different industries with our event security services such as food and beverages, music, finance, medicine, construction, agriculture, education and training.

We understand how important your event is to you. You have invested your heart and soul into making it a success. And we are by your side to make it 100% safe for you, your guests and visitors.

Keeping your needs in view, we provide event security staff and services for the following events:

Party Security

Keep all your family, corporate and private parties and celebrations completely safe and secure with our customizable party security services.

Private Events

We have special security services in place for all your private events such as Christmas parties, networking dinners, marriage proposals, and exclusive events.


Organize entertaining, rocking and 100% safe concerts with our professional event security services to give the attendees an amazingly memorable experience.


Make your wedding day more special and beautiful with our expert event security services to keep the love of your life and all your guests safe.


Committed to make fundraising events a big success, we have exceptional event security for different kinds of fundraisers including marathons, walks, galas, auctions, art exhibits and fashion shows.


While having an element of sadness to them, funerals must be safe and our trusted funeral security services can make it possible for you and your loved ones.

Government Functions

Our competent event security staff can make all types of government functions completely secure including retirement, honorary, conferences and VIP events.

Political Parties

Dedicated and capable event security guards and staff are accessible to keep political parties, dinners, delegations, networking dinners and events absolutely safe and sound.

Sale Events

Benefit from our noteworthy security services at sale counters, baggage screening, exit and entrance and other points to triumph at your sale events.

Trade Shows

Make your trade shows including gun, bridal, flower, car, apparel, arms, technological, computer, IT and the likes organized, secure and successful with our trustworthy event security services.

Sporting Events

Be it a sports day, a cricket tournament, a football match, a baseball match, a sporting event screening or any other sporting event, we have expert sports security in place for you.


Our certified security guards and personnel are adept to add extra security to strikes of all types such as economic, general, sit-down, hunger, sympathetic and all-out strikes.

High School Events

From prom nights to concerts to charity events to Halloween parties to fundraisers and more- we have specialized event security for all such events to keep them secure.

Birthday Parties

Whether you are having a big birthday celebration outdoors, or one with close friends and family, let us make it safer and more seamless with our security services.

Fashion Shows

Security is essential on fashion shows to keep models, designers, attendees, staff and other personnel safe, and our security experts can help you do that successfully.

Photo Shoots

Make your photoshoots more impactful by keeping them safe and secure with our top-notch security services including security guards, watchguards and other personnel.

Product Launches

Keep your product launches 100% secure with our security personnel doing background checks, baggage screening, exit and entity monitoring, and keeping guests, team and staff safe.


Have phenomenal event premiers with our security personnel handling the safety matters. We have customizable security services for various premieres including film, TV, theater, book, art, album and dance.

Other events such as: Fairs and Carnivals

Fun fairs, carnivals and galas breathe entertainment in our lives. Ascertain your carnivals along with the rides, stalls, equipment and sitting areas are guarded with our event security services.

Expert Security Guards for Seamless Events

Event security guards act like the strong backbone of the event. Nobody wants mismanaged events with security concerns, crowd handling issues, and acts of vandalism or terrorism. To ensure that never happens at your event, hire our expert event security guards.

Our event security guards are specialists in their field. With training and certification in the field of security, they are skilled to handle different kinds of safety concerns and guard all your events so you make the most of them.

Understanding the nature of different events and their needs, we have experienced event security guards and personnel to use metal detectors; handle baggage and attendee screening; monitor exit and entry points; handle and control the crowd; timely detect and manage fire hazards; identify suspicious activity and address it effectively; protect executives; and maintain calm and peace on your events.

Moreover, our guards have an excellent sense of observation that helps them identify any potential safety hazard timely. They are also proactive, and have contingency plans in place to address emergencies. This combined with their ability to socialize well with the guests and guide them about directions or respond to queries makes them quite easy to work with. 

Our event security guards and personnel are well-trained in communication skills and aware of event laws that makes them quite a breeze to work with, and enforce regulation on events. 

With our event security guards safeguarding your events, you will always be in safe hands. Trust your intuition and make the right choice by booking a consultation call with us.

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PSG is the best security guard company we have worked with. We can’t thank them enough for providing us security around the clock. They are the real deal!

James Corden – Ramada INC


We highly recommend them!

PSG really came through for us. Our staff feel much more safe having them guard our premises. We highly recommend them to any one looking for reliable security.

Steven Hart –  Tyson’s Corner


They make us all feel safe!

This is one of the best private security guard company in Southern California. They are reliable and their guards are top notch people. They make us all feel safe and secure.

Teresa Wright – Chase Bank

Hire Security guard for Events in Los Angeles

Planning to have a bridal shower, corporate dinner, product launch or another private event, and want to keep it secure? 

Hire security guard for event in Los Angeles and surrounding cities from Professional Security Guard Inc. to have a brilliant and secure event like never before.

Organizing events that thrive involves a lot of work, particularly when it comes to safeguarding the guests, attendees, employees and other personnel involved in the event. Relieve yourself of that worry by hiring competent event security guards from us.

Here’s how hiring event security guards adds a special security layer to them:

Security personnel control and manage the flow of guests and attendees, ensuring that the event remains orderly and safe.

They are trained to identify and respond to potential security risks and emergencies, such as fire or medical incidents.

Guards and event security provide assistance with crowd control and evacuation in case of an emergency.

Know how to work with local law enforcement and other emergency services to ensure a coordinated response in case of an emergency.

Help to protect event organizers and attendees from liability in case of an incident.

Make the event run smoothly and without disruptions, allowing attendees to enjoy the event without worrying about their safety.

Safeguard the event’s assets, such as equipment, tools, machinery, products and VIPs.

Provide surveillance and monitoring of the event, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and without incidents.

Most importantly, they provide peace of mind for event organizers, attendees, and performers knowing that they are in safe hands.

Hiring event security guards from us ensures you get certified, qualified, experienced and empathetic guards with a clean background and excellent communication skills to better understand and respond to your needs.

We want you to victoriously manage all your events. We are here to make the process effortless and streamlined for you. Get in touch with us today by filling in the contact form with your name, contact number and email. Our customer representative will get back to you soon after, discuss your event security needs, and take things forward.

Hire security guard for event in southern California, and make it one of your best memories ever!

Hire Best Security Guard Services for Events in Los Angeles!

Professional Security Guard Inc. serves the entire Los Angeles with a range of certified security guard services customized to your needs. We aspire to help you live and work in a safer environment in any locality of Los Angeles. Our expert guards are ready to go the extra mile to make that happen for you.

If you are looking to hire security guards for a security assessment of your commercial or private property, require security reinforcement, or need a brand-new security solution, we can help you with our custom security services. To avail of our security guard services in Los Angeles, it is best to assess your security needs first. Analyze the kind of security you need along with its purpose. To provide security services for your need, we need you to share all the details with us first.

Fill in your name, address, email address, and required security service, and our experts will get back to you quickly and look after your security requirements.

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