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Top Executive Personal Protection Services Tailored to Your Needs

Security concerns and hazards are rising with each passing day. Staying safe is now the need of the hour. If you are worried about your personal protection, it is time to get elite personal protection security. Professional Security Guard Inc. is here to serve you with the best personal security guards and protection services.

Safeguarding different cities and counties in southern California for the last 10 years, we are experts in providing advanced personal protection security for all your needs. Our services are customizable to address the requirements of families, teams, individuals, executives and various professionals.

We have an expert team of well-trained, uniformed personal protection security guards and personnel who comply with relevant and latest laws and regulations. With our personal protection services, you will find yourself feeling more secure and peaceful, finding it easy to focus on things that matter while we look after your safety.

Take a look at the various Executive protection security services our agency offers:

Professional and experienced security guard services

Elite bodyguard services for high-risk situations

Executive and VIP protection services

Event security services for secure and successful events

Travel security services for seamless and safe traveling

Discreet and professional protection for high-profile clients

Close protection services for high-risk situations

Advanced technology and equipment for enhanced Security

International Executive Protection Services

Advanced training and certifications of our guards

Different types of uniformed and plain clothes guards

Mobile and static guards as per your needs

Emergency response plans and procedures

Trustworthy and Experienced Security Professionals at Your Disposal

If you want to take your personal security to a whole new level, we have the most reliable and competent personal security guards ready to serve you.

All our security professionals including security bodyguards, private executive security personnel and other team members are incredibly adept in their fields. With BSIS certification and thorough understanding of the law as well as personal security regulations, they are fully certified to safeguard your safety and privacy.

Moreover, our personal security guards are well-educated and have excellent communication skills. You will find them quite a breeze to be around. Not only do they know how to protect you effectively, but they also understand when and how to give you space. Our personal security guards and personnel harbor empathy, and can comprehend the different situations you go through to make you feel secure.

To provide you with unmatched personal security services, we ensure to conduct an elaborate background check of all our personal and executive bodyguards. Our staff undergoes rigorous screening procedure and training for their selection. Once we select them, we ensure they are equipped with sufficient knowledge, guidance and training to keep you out of harm’s way.

You will find our personal security guards perform their duties with sincerity and dedication. Their duties encompass creating safety plans, performing security assessments, identifying any potential threat, physically escorting you, monitoring your surroundings for suspicious activity, maintaining your confidential data, and ensuring you stay 100% safe at all times.

You deserve to live a safe and peaceful life. Let our security guards take better care of your sanctity.

Success stories and feedback from previous clients


They are the real deal!

PSG is the best security guard company we have worked with. We can’t thank them enough for providing us security around the clock. They are the real deal!

James Corden – Ramada INC


We highly recommend them!

PSG really came through for us. Our staff feel much more safe having them guard our premises. We highly recommend them to any one looking for reliable security.

Steven Hart –  Tyson’s Corner


They make us all feel safe!

This is one of the best private security guard company in Southern California. They are reliable and their guards are top notch people. They make us all feel safe and secure.

Teresa Wright – Chase Bank

Who Needs Executive Protection Security Services?

Honestly speaking, with the overwhelming rise in terrorism and vandalism, everyone nowadays needs personal protection security, also known as bodyguard services.

However, typically individuals who are at a higher risk of harm due to their profession, status, or personal circumstances mostly require personal protection security. This includes but not limited to:

  • High-profile individuals such as politicians, actors, musicians, business leaders, and celebrities who may be at risk of attack or harassment from the public or from specific individuals.
  • High-profile individuals such as politicians, actors, musicians, business leaders, and celebrities who may be at risk of attack or harassment from the public or from specific individuals.
  • Individuals who have received specific threats or have been targeted by stalking or harassment.
  • People who are traveling to high-risk areas or countries.
  • Anybody in the public eye who wants to maintain their privacy.

Additionally, organizations often do need personal protection security to protect their assets, such as sensitive information or valuable items. Moreover, these services also help ensure the safety of their employees.

Why Choose Us

Professional Security Guard Inc. is a name of trust, quality and excellence in the security guards services industry in southern California. 

Multinational brands, medical professionals, real-estate gurus, business moguls, celebrities, political figures, artists, musicians, sports personalities and individuals throughout California and the nearby areas trust us for their personal protection and security.

If you want to enhance your personal protection, here’s why you should let our personal bodyguards protect you:

Experience and reputation

We have a proven track record of providing high-quality personal protection services for the past 10 years.

Professionalism and training

Our trustworthy personal security personnel are professionally trained and certified who are able to handle various types of security situations.

Range of services

In lieu of your varying personal security needs, we offer a range of personal protection services, such as personal security, executive protection or event security. 

Flexibility and customization

To provide you with elite security services, we customize our services and quote to meet the specific needs and requirements of each client. 

Cost-effective rates

Owing to our aim of making personal protection security accessible to all, we offer competitive pricing that give high value for money. 

Licensing and Insurance

Our company along with our entire security team is fully licensed and insured to provide personal protection services.

Feel free to check our customer reviews and testimonials, and ask around for our goodwill. You will only come across positive feedback.

24/7 Emergency Support for Unexpected Situations

No matter what grim situation you are stuck in even at an odd hour of the day, our personal security guards will come to your rescue.

We take pride in offering absolute 24/7 emergency support to all our clients. Understanding how unexpected situations can arise at any point in time, we are here to ensure our clients are protected at all times. Yes, this means that you can access our personal protection service for all sorts of assistance and support at any time of the day or night, seven days a week.

Whether you fear a stalker following you at all times, find yourself stuck in an area full of suspicious people, notice suspicious activity in your house, or are getting incessant security threats, you can reach out to our team right away. We will send our security bodyguards and experts following the intimation to get you out of the uncomfortable situation.

We care about your peace of mind. Trust us and hire our protection and security services.


Have unresolved queries? Find answers to commonly asked questions about our personal protection security services below.

To hire a personal protection agent, contact us right away with your name, email and contact number. Our customer support representative will get back to you with the hiring procedure that you can follow to hire your personal protection agent.

Our personal protection agents have BSIS certification, security training and understanding of the law to keep you safe. Moreover, many of them have military background and training too.

Yes, we offer executive private security for high-risk individuals as well as executive events.

The cost of personal protection services vary depending on a number of factors, such as the level of risk, the type of services needed, and the location. Some personal protection security companies may charge an hourly rate, while others may charge a flat rate for a certain period of time.


Hourly rates for personal protection services can range from $50 to $500 per hour. On the other hand, flat rate fees for a certain period of time, such as a day, week, or month can range from $1,000 to $50,000.

Both of these depend on the level of risk, the experience of the security personnel, and the type of services provided.

Yes we offer both, temporary and long-term personal protection security services.

Our process for assessing and addressing potential security risks includes initial assessment, threat and risk analysis, development of a security plan, implementation of the plan, and ongoing monitoring and review.

We have strict protocols in place to ensure the safety and confidentiality of their clients. This includes conducting background checks on all security personnel, implementing strict confidentiality agreements, maintaining strict security protocols, conducting regular security assessments, creating an emergency response plan and providing a dedicated point of contact.

Yes, we have myriads of positive testimonials and references from our clients. You can find them on our homepage. Since some clients request us to respect their privacy, we don’t publish all the testimonials online. However, we can share them with you in a one-on-one meeting.

Yes, our personal security guards and professionals are highly experienced and skilled in protecting clients from a range of industries including food, fashion, sports, politics, medicine, education, media, acting, real estate, business etc. Moreover, they are trained in safeguarding clients in many high-risk environments such as conflict areas, protests, demonstrations, high-crime areas, industrial and corporate sites, public events, rallies, isolated and remote locations and natural disasters.

Elite Executive Protection Services California

Professional Security Guard offers advanced and reliable personal protection services with unmatched quality. We are on a mission to make everyone in southern California feel secure, and enjoy a peaceful life. It pains us when we see individuals struggle with security threats, harassment, vandalism and such issues. Our team is always ready to take care of you, your privacy, security and wellbeing. Having dealt with numerous high risk situations, events and circumstances, we can safely say we are your best bet when it comes to getting personal protection security.

How to Hire Personal Protection Security Guard?

All set to hire our personal protection security guard? But don’t know how to initiate the process?

Fill in your name, address, email address, and required security service, and our experts will get back to you quickly and look after your security requirements.

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