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Are you worried about the safety of your property, events, or yourself and your loved ones? Say no more! Our security guard services in Los Angeles are best for all types of affairs. They can assist in preventing theft, damage, and other offenses that could be detrimental to you or your assets.

When it’s essential to recruit a security guard, though, who do you call? How many guards do you require and how much does it cost? Give us a call, we are 24/7 available to facilitate your concern and become your protective partner!


Security Guard Company Los Angeles

When it comes to our first-choice security guard services in Los Angeles, you have several options. Many factors will influence what is best for your company, including:

  • your firm’s size and location
  • how much funds you have available, and whether you live in a high-crime area
  • the threats you’re up against in terms of security

So, our private security company will discuss your scenario for you to choose accordingly.


Our professional security guards are trained and licensed with the state of California.


10 years of combined management and field experience and a successful track history.

24/7 Service

We provide professional vigilant security guards around the clock, working continuously to protect you.


Security Guards

For Hire

Professional Security Guard Company Los Angeles deliver world-class security guard services throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura County areas. Our security officers are highly trained and state licensed. We tailor custom solutions to fit your unique needs.


Unarmed Security

Fully trained unarmed security to protect your property and assets.


Mobile Patrol

Fully trained mobile patrol security to protect your property and assets.


Fire Watch Security

Fully trained fire watch security to protect your property and assets.


Event Security

Fully trained event security to protect your event and guest.

Private Security Company

When it comes to our first-choice security guard services in Los Angeles, you have several options. Many factors will influence what is best for your company, including:

  • your firm’s size and location
  • how much funds you have available, and whether you live in a high-crime area
  • the threats you’re up against in terms of security

So, our private security company will discuss your scenario for you to choose accordingly.


Armed and unarmed guards

We have an always-ready clan of both armed and unarmed guards to facilitate your security needs as per the given situation. Both of these guards’ categories are well-trained, steady, and always on the watch for any suspicious activity and have an ability to cope with any sorts of common and unique security challenges.


Construction security guards

Our construction security guards are officers who operate within your construction site and provide security in locations where intensive work is being done to provide full-proof security to avoid any hazard and mishap to the property or workers. Our security personnel are well-trained to protect those warehouse locations too where high-value/expensive inventory is stored.


Alarm security services

Our alarm security services will be able to protect you, your loved ones, property, and valuables from any security mishap by using an advanced alarm system. Our systems will timely detect intrusions and alarm you right away about any unauthorized entry and activity in your space or around your valuables. We are the first-choice due diligence security firm in the city.

Fire watch services

Our highly professional security guard services in Los Angeles will monitor your sensitive locations, maintain records of fire watch logs, keep an eye out for early symptoms of fire, and be ready to respond in an emergency. Call us today to discover more about our fire watch services or to set up a fire watch at your location.

Event security services

Our event security guards are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to secure your events happening at any time. We provide well-trained officers and guarding staff to monitor your events with modern, strategic protection plans. In addition to stationing guards outside your event space, we make your events far safer with our security team being in many places at once.

Our staff work both in plain clothes and professional uniforms to conduct a number of important security-related duties, such as:

  • keeping an eye on security cameras
  • monitoring visitors/guests’ behavior within your event’s location; and
  • looking into any incidents that happen on your premises

Personal security

Your life is precious and so are your loved ones’. So, if you are looking for a reliable security guard who can watch for you, protect you from the mishap, accompany you in dangerous situations, and is always active to respond and grasp the surroundings so you are free to move! Armed, unarmed, uniformed, ununiformed, we have all types of personal security guards available that you entrust with your life and safety.

Security guard receptionists

Security guards who serve as receptionists are professionals that operate inside your business and are the initial point of contact for consumers. Our security guards and receptionists conduct a variety of security-related jobs, including:

  • welcoming clients
  • taking phone calls
  • inspecting surveillance cameras
  • keeping an eye on the building’s security systems


During operational and non-operational hours, our hospital security guards will be posted in the front and within your hospital, dressed in uniform or plainclothes, monitoring receipts, checking who enters and exits the hospital, watching security cameras, and performing other significant responsibilities to keep your hospitals a safe place for patients, doctors, medical staff and all other visitors.


Schools must be fully secured for the type of harmless, carefree audience that they segment for. Unlike other levels of educational institutions, school kids and teenagers cannot protect themselves well. This is why our well-trained and always-active security guard services for schools will be trustworthy enough to protect your premises and audience.


Our security officer services for businesses will assist in deterring criminals from committing crimes against your company! Video surveillance and security gates, on the other hand, may not be enough to safeguard a property located in a high-crime region or that suffer significant losses as a result of burglaries (i.e., in retail outlets). In this case, our crime reaction security guards would be more appropriate for safeguarding a company’s physical assets as well as its reputation.


Our patrolling services ensure that your area is safe from any criminal and suspicious activity. We watch over the designated areas by regularly patrolling around them so that lives, properties, and matters in that area are saved. Security patrolling is one of the most chosen services from our security conduct.

Static guarding

Our static guarding services in Los Angeles will help dissuade criminals from committing against you, your business, events, and your property by being on guard at both common and unique hours. We prevent the loss, control the crowd, secure your parties, guard you personally, and so much more to provide you with an exceptional onsite guarding experience. Just like our moving, patrol services on the go ensure your safety, our static guarding services in a set place validate the full-proof security status of that place or of people and valuables in that place.


Why us? – Reliable Security guard services in Los Angeles

We provide a complete variety of professional, cost-effective security forces, including lock-up and alarm, armed and unarmed standing guards, alarm tracking and response, fire watch, mobile patrol, access control, parking enforcement, event security, and reception and gate guards as a full-service private security firm.

We create tailored security programs that meet your unique requirements, vulnerabilities, and budget. Our well-trained security guards have years of work experience safeguarding and securing a wide range of businesses.

To guarantee that our clients are well-protected, we carefully select and educate our employees to the highest professional standards. Our licensed, dependable security guards have through extensive FBI and California Department of Justice thorough background, drug screens, and personality tests, as well as a rigorous training program that exceeds the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services’ standards. Our professional supervisors provide continual on-the-job education on the recent security procedures to all of our guards.

Our business is a registered contractor that offers dispatch operations 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Give us a call today to learn more about our Los Angeles private security forces and schedule a free security assessment.

We secure a confidential, devoted, full-service environment for:


  • Hotels
  • Events
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Parking Control
  • Crowd Management
  • Fire Watch
  • Construction Sites
  • Industrial Sites
  • Executive Security
  • Private Security
  • Courtesy Patrol
  • Security Patrol
  • Emergency Security
  • Alarm Response
  • Commercial Sites
  • Residential Sites

How much does it cost to hire a security guard service?

The budget of our security guard solutions is usually determined by the degree of security that our security guards provide. Our security guard services in Los Angeles usually get hired on a contract basis, and the cost varies substantially depending on the client’s requirements. To provide the best protection and quality for your money, we always propose combining people and technology. To evaluate which combined security services are most effective for your case. Feel free to call us right at this moment!

What are some pointers on how to hire a security guard?

  • Hire a security guard with the necessary level of protection. Some organizations may require one security officer each shift, while others may require security personnel.
  • Conduct research into the types and levels of security required for your business by looking into crime rates in your area, security cameras/gates in place, and so on.
  • Hire a security firm with a lot of experience to determine which form of security service is best for your needs.
  • Research area crime statistics, security cameras/gates, and other information to determine how much security is required.
  • Think about hiring a security firm like ours with a lot of experience to help you figure out which form of security service is best for your security needs.
  • Make sure that security personnel is on duty at all times.
  • Ensure hiring a security firm based on their experience level, pricing per hour/day, and other factors.

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Medical Facilities

Professional medical security guards protecting medical facility, assets


Residential Areas

Professional residential security guards protecting residence, assets and


Colleges , Universities, Schools

Professional campus security guards protecting campus assets and


Construction Sites

Professional constructions site security guards protecting site, equipement

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