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You don’t have to always worry about insecurity; hire our highly trained, experienced unarmed guards to secure your premises 24/7 and retain your peace of mind.

Professional Security Guard Company is the best security guard company in Chatsworth. Our proficient and well-trained unarmed security guards maintain a safe and secure environment at your organization, business, or residential property. We are confident that our guards are the best due to the strict screening and hiring process. As a firm, we only want to provide you with the best to ensure you have a robust protection layer. Our guards offer incomparable preventive actions against crime. Professional Security Guard Company first listens to your needs to ensure we tailor-make security plans to guard your property and loved ones. Our unarmed security guards ensure 24/7 security around your desired location. We believe that your property should always be safe from threats. Hence, we only provide top-notch guards to ensure you are satisfied and, importantly, secure.

Our guards perform access control, patrol premises, investigate any disturbances, monitor alarm systems and surveillance cameras. Notably, this enables them to detect any suspicious activity and act immediately to prevent crime.

Our well-versed guards actively monitor the flow of people and activities at their assigned place. Our security guards verify all visitors’ identities and check their belongings using a metal detector. This prevents an armed or unauthorized person from accessing the building, reducing the rate of crime. They have the authority to detain all violators before police can take them to custody. In case you have a construction site, these guards’ control and manage all activities in and around the construction to halt any unauthorized visits, homeless activities and secure the premises. Surprisingly they do not carry a weapon. However, the high level of training they undergo enables them to quickly detect suspicious or illegal activities and act accordingly to ensure crime doesn’t occur. They are also competent enough to respond to emergencies and secure the area before the arrival of fire, ambulance, or police services, decreasing the degree of damage.

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Unarmed Security Guards
Prevent Crime

Why You Need Unarmed Security Guard Services?

The presence of our trusted unarmed security guards’ scares thieves who intend to destroy or steal from your property. They always act as the first line of defense in your business or home. They also maintain peace as they swiftly resolve conflicts.

Are you constantly feeling insecure in your home, business, or organization? Hire unarmed security guards; they bring a sense of safety and calmness. As the business or residential owner, you and your employees or loved ones will have peace of mind in secured surroundings. In organizations and businesses, having guards also shows that you care about the people accessing the premises. When there is a sense of safety, your employees become more effective, and customers are confident as they are free from fear and worries. At your home, your family feels secure, increasing the levels of relaxation at home. With our unarmed guards, there is no need to worry about what might happen at your premises. You are always assured that any threat is thoroughly addressed to prevent it from escalating.

In case of an emergency, our unarmed security guards respond immediately, reducing the extent of damage or danger. They are trained distinctively to provide solutions in case a situation gets out of control. They send away people loitering in your premises and thus avoiding a potential threat. 

We comprehend that security is a crucial aspect of our lives. Hence, we offer affordable services that you may be able to secure your residential home or business, as we care about you. Unarmed security guards are a more affordable solution for small organizations or those situated in a low-risk environment. Always have in mind that our unarmed guards are highly skilled and trained to prevent crime. Remember that your safety and satisfaction are our priority; hence we provide only qualified and well-trained guards.


Our professional security guards are trained and licensed with the state of California.


10 years of combined management and field experience and a successful track history.

24/7 Service

We provide professional vigilant security guards around the clock, working continuously to protect you.

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    Frequently Asked
    Security Questions

    Security officers provide front-line, immediate protection, with many organizations using them to augment their security plans. The physical presence of guard services is an effective fortification and is often enough to stop threats that are aimed at businesses, employees and property. The diversity among the different types of guards and their duties and responsibilities may create questions about which protection service your organization needs.

    Here you’ll find answers to common questions that we’re asked about security officers to help you hire the right security service for your business.

    What makes PSG the best choice for Security services in San Gabriel Valley?
    PSG is proud to be a leader in the industry, with an experienced and competent team of security guards who are committed to protecting lives and property from risks both known and unforeseen. Just as important, we have a proven track record of success in the security industry.
    How long can you provide protection?
    With PSG, you have a partner who will be there for as long as your security needs continue to require protection and you remain satisfied with the services we provide. Our commitment is to your safety and peace of mind, so we are there for as long as you need us.
    How quickly can you provide the protection I need?
    At PSG, we strive to provide a rapid turnaround time for ramping up any protection detail. We understand that threats rarely wait and make every effort to provide the protection you need when you need it most.

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    They are the real deal!s
    PSG is the best security guard company we have worked with. We can’t thank them enough for providing us security around the clock. They are the real deal!

    James Corden

    Ramada INC

    We highly recommend them!
    PSG really came through for us. Our staff feel much more safe having them guard our premises. We highly recommend them to any one looking for reliable security.

    Steven Hart

    Tyson’s Corner

    They make us all feel safe!
    This is one of the best private security guard company in Southern California. They are reliable and their guards are top notch people. They make us all feel safe and secure.

    Teresa Wright

    Chase Bank

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