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Protect your property from turning into ashes by hiring Fire Watch Los Angeles services. Highly professional, trained, experienced, and licensed Fire Watch Security Guards Los Angeles are on their toes to ensure any fire outbreaks and similar incidents.

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Why Hire Fire Watch Security Guard

Hiring a professional fire watch security guard will save you from huge financial loss as well as ensure the safety of people. The fire watch security guards are trained to handle and respond to any kind of emergency situation, as they are trained and qualified to do so.

Our Company has years of experience and continues to strive for excellence, customer satisfaction, and security in Fire Watch Security Services. Our well trained staff is always on high alert and continuously monitors your premises to ensure safety and any hazards related to fire eruption.

No matter, how big or small the premises is, our trained and licensed fire watch security guards monitor the site 24/7. Our trained staff ensures constant patrolling, fire watch logging, taking preventive measures to mitigate fire eruption, and evacuating people from the premises.

Why Choose us for Fire Watch Services?

Here’s why you should choose Fire Watch Los Angeles services for your property.

Instant Dispatch

Fire can spread out in a matter of minutes and before anyone knows, everything would have turned into ash. But that’s not the case when you hire a fire watch security services. The security personnel are monitoring the premises 24/7 with regular patrolling and surveillance. As soon as they see any kind of danger or threat, the security staff gears up to get things under control and save the premises.


Professional Security Guards Los Angeles has a team of experienced, licensed, and certified professionals Fire Watch Security to deal with any kind of emergency situation. From taking preventive measures to patrolling and evacuating people, fire watch security guards work in compliance of laws and regulations by the state government.


Hiring Fire Watch Services Los Angeles does not mean a heavy dent on your budget. We provide cost-effective solutions catered to your needs and requirements.

Customer service

Our customer service is all about serving our clients with best possible solution. We don’t leave our customers desolated and provide support whenever they need without wasting a moment.

Highly Trained, Insured Guards

Fire watch security Los Angeles has some of the highly experienced, trained, committed, and insured guards to offer peace of mind even when you are fast asleep.

Experience and Equipped to handle any emergency

 Fire Watch Services Los Angeles not only hire trained and insured staff to offer security to your property. They are well experienced and equipped with latest equipment and tools to carry out their duties.

24/7 Firewatch Responsiveness and Availability

Fire eruption and other type of fire disasters can burn everything into ashes within few minutes. But not when you hire fire watch security guards Los Angeles that is always vigilant of the situation, responsive, and available 24/7.

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Types of Services We Offer

Fire watch security guards are vital for the protection of any property or site from the eruption of fire in buildings, factories, offices, hospitals, or construction sites.

A little carelessness can lead to the burning of property into ashes, leading to the loss of millions of dollars and in some cases human lives.

You might have installed a fire alarm and security camera to watch any type of incident. But how sure are you to be available timely at that moment? You can’t even tell about your availability in the next hour.

That is why hiring Fire watch Los Angeles is a great way to have peace of mind, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Professionally trained, experienced, and licensed fire watch security guards Los Angeles offer around-the-clock fire protection to save your property from burning into ashes.  Here are some of the facilities fire watch security guards protect.

Construction Sites

Constructions sites are not safe from threats including theft, electricity sparks, and fire eruption. A little carelessness or negligence could lead to disaster in a matter of minutes.

Avoiding such types of situations is easy as a breeze with Fire watch Security Los Angeles. With 24/7 monitoring and patrolling, our staff will ensure everything is safe and risk-free both at entry and exit points. In case of an emergency, the staff will take appropriate measures to deal with the situation.

Commercial Buildings

Constructions sites are not safe from threats including theft, electricity sparks, and fire eruption. A little carelessness or negligence could lead to disaster in a matter of minutes.

Avoiding such types of situations is easy as a breeze with Fire watch Security Los Angeles. With 24/7 monitoring and patrolling, our staff will ensure everything is safe and risk-free both at entry and exit points. In case of an emergency, the staff will take appropriate measures to deal with the situation.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities like hospitals are flooded with patients and staff. Ensuring the safety of everyone in the premises from fire and other such types of incidents will avoid casualties and deaths.

Fire watch Security Guards Los Angeles offers temporary and permanent expert fire watch services to minimize the risk and maximize protection around the clock.

Role of Fire watch Security Guards

Fire watch security guard service is meant to offer foolproof security solutions. The outbreak of fire in factories, warehouses, commercial buildings, construction sites, and showrooms is normal. Whether it be due to a short circuit or carelessness, the role of fire watch security guard is to prevent any mishap. Fire alarms, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers are ideal to take the situation under control. But what if your smoke or fire detector stops working, especially in large buildings, hospitals, or shopping centers? Or in case you are out of town or far from the premises, the damage could result in the loss of thousands if not millions of dollars.

Hiring Fire Watch Services from Professional and Certified Security Guards Company in Los Angeles will provide you peace of mind at all times.

Here’s what our fire watch security guards do on duty.

Keeping an Eye on Fire Outbreaks

The fire watch security guard’s primary responsibility is to watch out for fire outbreaks and stay vigilant for any activity that would result in a huge disaster. The fire watch security guard has to keep an eye on everything that could cause fire eruption such as explosives, inflammable material, sparking in electric wires, and heat sources.

Fire Watch Security Guard has to make sure that all the safety equipment and tools are working and have not passed their expiry date.

Take Necessary Actions

Fire watch security guard while inspecting the site finds something abnormal or suspicious, and must report to higher management to resolve the problem. Moreover, the security guard has to inform the fire brigade and activate the fire alarm system to alert people within the premises.

In case, the situation is not so serious, the fire watch security guard should take the charge and get things under control.

Evacuating People from the Premises

Evacuating people and clearing all the valuables from the site is also included in the role of fire watch security guard. Moreover, patrolling should also be done to ensure that everyone is out of the premises and safe.

Fire watch logging

Fire watch logging is another important role of the fire watch security guard. It is a practice to come to reasons for fire outbreaks through regular observation in different parts of the premises.

Patrolling the Premises

Patrolling the premises especially if it is a mammoth one is also included in the role of fire watch security guard. In case of emergency, the patrolling officers inform other security guards to take the charge. If required, the patrolling fire watch security guard will shift any injured to the hospital.

Training and Qualifications of Fire Watch Security Guard

Fire watch security guards have to go through training to ensure they are capable of handling any type of situation. In addition, fire watch security guards need to have qualifications to be eligible for the position and fulfill their responsibilities. We Professional Security Guard Inc Los Angeles verify the training and qualifications of every Fire Watch Security guard we hire.

  1. The fire guard must be at least 18 years of age
  2. Understanding English Language is a Must
  3. Any two forms of identification such as government photo identification like license or passport
  4. Letter of recommendation from the employer stating the name, experience, and address.

You must present a letter of recommendation from your employer. The letter must be on official letterhead and must state your full name, experience, and the address where you will work. If you are self-employed or the owner of the company, you must submit a notarized letter stating that status.

If you are not currently employed, you may take the test without the recommendation letter. If you pass the test, FDNY will issue a temporary letter with a photo for job-seeking purposes. You will not receive a Certificate of Fitness card unless you are employed and provide a recommendation letter from your employer.

If you want to be OSHA certified as a Fire Watch Guard, you need to go through training and pass an online test. Once you receive it, you will receive a certificate confirming you are a certified fire watch.

Some of the important elements of OSHA fire watch training include:

    1. Tracking of all hot work in your surroundings
    2. Having all the firefighting and safety equipment
    3. Clear communication with employees
    4. Ensure everyone in the team is following fire preventive protocols
    5. Ensure the working order of firefighting equipment
    6. Monitoring hot areas and sparks
    7. Ensure presence during any hot work and shutdown before leaving

Equipment and Tools for Firefighting and Safety

Fire Watch Security Guards need to be equipped with firefighting tools and safety gear. Our Los Angeles Fire Watch personnel carry equipment and tools to carry out the job without any hurdles. Check the list of equipment and tools Los Angeles Fire Watch carries.


Due to fire eruption, the place might get filled with dense smoke, making everything invisible. To rescue people and evacuate premises, it is necessary to have a personal flashlight along with a helmet light and a right angle light. It will not only aid in seeing things but also can be used as a backup.

Door wedges are handy and easy to keep the doors open and perform activities without any hindrance. Moreover, door wedges are also helpful in ventilating the place from smoke and fire, and provide a clear path to move injured and unconscious people out of the premises.

Flash Hood

A fire watch security guard is responsible for protecting people and premises from any fire eruption. But before anything else, it is also important to take safety measures before performing the duty. A flash hood is a safety gear used for the protection of hair and neck from heat.

Heavy-Duty Work Gloves

Fire watch security guards need to have all the safety equipment before taking the dive into the fireplace. Heavy-duty work gloves are great for protecting fingers and hands from burning. These gloves are specifically made to prevent any abrasions, cuts, and punctures.


Fire Watch security guards might have to bear high amplitude voices for several hours. Not protecting the ear from these noises would result in hearing problems. Earplugs are also needed to avoid such situations and protect oneself from any disabilities.

Escape Rope

Escape rope is another safety equipment not only to transport victims to the ground but also to the security guard as well. In emergency situation like fire eruption, there might be a possibility of blocking of entry and exit points. The only way to get out of it is through windows or secret passages. The escape rope allows the fire watch security guard to descend out of the window without being hurt.

Allow our Fire Watch security guards to better safeguard you, your home, and organization. Book a consultation with us for hiring private security, and strengthen your personal safety to a whole new level.

Regulations and Laws

There are certain regulations and laws that must be taken into consideration as a fire watch security guard. Fire watch security guards Los Angeles never steps back when it comes to following regulations and laws. Here’s how the laws and regulations are followed.

  1. Ignition sources, improperly stored flammables, and worn-out electrical wires should be checked
  2. Fire extinguishers should be placed in proper locations without any obstructions, fully charged out, and undamaged. The band that protects the pin should be intact.
  3. Stairwells, corridors, and exit points must be clear of any obstacles that would hinder emergency movement.
  4. Exit signs with proper illumination should be checked
  5. Self-closing doors should be monitored to make sure they are not wedged or blocked.
  6. Sprinkler systems should also be inspected to fix decreased pressure, leakage, or closed valves.

Records of Fire Watch services

Fire Watch Security Services need to fill out the log sheet to maintain and submit to the OPEFM Safety Office. The log must be maintained and updated timely for the DC fire department, including the following information;

  1. Time at which the patrol was completed from start to the finish.
  2. Name of the person performing the duty
  3. Record of any interaction with the fire department
  4. Any hazardous conditions or alarm system should be noted.

Emergency Protocol and Procedures

Fire Watch Los Angeles needs to follow the standard operating procedures to ensure everything is in place. Here’s an overview of emergency protocols and procedures our fire watch security personnel follows:

  1. The primary purpose of a person or group of persons are liable to notify fire department and building occupants. It also includes taking preventive measures to mitigate the eruption of fire, protecting the public from dangers, and extinguishing small fires.
  2. If a fire alarm is out of service for more than 4 hours in a day, the administration having jurisdiction shall be informed and premises should be evacuated immediately. On the contrary, fire watch shall be deployed for the protection of unprotected ones until the fire alarm system is fully operational.
  3. A fire watch security should perform special tasks beyond normal staffing which includes assigning extra security guards to walk the affected areas. The personnel should be trained professionally to take preventive fire measures and communicate with the fire department. The fire watch should also understand all the safety measures for public pedagogy purposes.
  4. Sprinkler system impairment procedures must comply with NFPA 25-2011.
  5. A fire watch security guard should consist of trained professionals who continuously patrol in the affected areas. During patrolling, the person should not only be looking for fire but also ensure fire protection equipment of the building such as alarm systems and sprinklers are available and in working condition.

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