The Vital Importance of Security Guards in Today’s World

March 17, 2023

Importance of Security

Be it a business, home, education institution, tourist spot, shopping complex, or some event, the importance of security guards is unparalleled everywhere!

A common misconception that our general public accepts is that security guards are the same as police officers. When in fact, a police officer only intervenes a scene when an incident has already occurred. On the other hand, security guards perform a proactive role where they’re stationed to detect and deter issues before things can escalate into criminal incidents. 

The best part? If something happens, security guards are also trained to deal with criminals until the police arrive. Not to mention, security guards offer lasting peace of mind and assurance that you, your family, assets, and property are protected.

This article highlights why are security guards important and their roles in ensuring the ultimate protection of the public and the prevention of crime. 

Why Are Security Guards Important

Security guards play a vital role in crime prevention. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a security guard:

Guaranteed Safety Maintenance

Security guard companies play an important role in maintaining discipline in many workplaces, hospitals, schools, events, shopping malls, etc. The presence of uniformed security in a space automatically creates a sense of security in people around. 

You must have experienced it yourself – feeling safe and more secure in a building that is guarded than in an unattended one. 

Their extra eyes and ears add a sense of heightened awareness. Security can help maintain balance and develop situational awareness in public. 

For example, hiring a security guard in your office will foster a proactive culture that encourages workers to stay more attentive toward unusual behavior and activities around them. 

Immediate Emergency Response

Timely action is a crucial part of a security guard’s duty. When it comes to incident response, every second counts. Security guards save us from a lot of trouble and danger by discovering and remedying a threat as quickly as humanely possible. 

The guards are also trained to provide all sorts of immediate on-site assistance to the public until the emergency medical services or the police arrive. A fast reaction time can mitigate the possibility of further deterioration of a situation and promotes a sense of calm amongst the public in chaotic environments.  

Crime Prevention

Security guards serve as a visual and physical deterrent for criminals and potential intruders. Just the presence of a guard will discourage and reduce the rate of crime. Guards can identify potential criminals since they’re trained to closely observe everyone. 

For most public spaces, commercial properties, and residential communities, security guards are equipped with modern surveillance systems and technologies to inspect and monitor the space vigilantly. 

This helps in not only identifying suspicious activity but also scares away a potential criminal. For instance, if an individual is approaching a property or person with the intention of harm, trespassing, robbery, or assault, noticing a security guard upfront will immediately make them rethink their plan. 

If they catch someone causing harm, they can intercept and cease the perpetrator using force too. 

Protection of Property

The presence of well-trained security guards has proven to reduce property crimes by a significant number in recent years. They help in maintaining order and discourage thieves and intruders from afar. 

The guards are trained to prohibit anyone who appears to be ill-intended from entering a property. If they somehow make it inside, the security guards make sure that the situation does not escalate with techniques consistent with their crisis management and emergency response training. 

Sense of Order

Large gatherings at events and congregations tend to get out of hand at times. Having security guards stationed around the premises promotes a sense of order in the public.  

Security makes sure that discipline is maintained, violations are under check, and all the rules and regulations are being followed. They’re trained and authorized to apprehend or take action against individuals trying to break protocol or misbehave. 

You can count on security guards to prevent riots, mob fights, or drunk and disorderly conduct. All of which is pretty common in large crowds. They can help in the successful organization and execution of employee terminations, large events, or the promotion of a general sense of order in the corporate world. 

The public generally responds well to the guidance and authority of security guards at such places as they feel more secure in their presence.

Assistance and Customer Service 

Much of a security guard’s job is dealing with the general public around them while they keep a vigilant eye on them. Although their primary task is the security and protection of the life and property of their clients and customers, this also includes communication with customers. 

Guards are trained to chat with, help, greet, and guide customers around a property they’re protecting. In other words, they’re part of the first impressions of a visitor. For example, someone might need help finding the way, or ask to be escorted to their car late at night. This is where a security guard comes to assist. 

Peace of Mind

This is an obvious advantage of hiring a security guard. Knowing that you, your property, loved ones, belongings, and assets are safe and secure is a huge relief.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Security guards have a proactive job that helps take the burden off law enforcement by preventing, responding to, and handling crimes. Their patrol services, enforce curfews, and monitor access controls.

Security guards are authorized to use force in extreme cases to control a situation, but it’s easy to step over that line in the heat of the moment. But, a fully trained officer, certified by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS), is well-versed with laws and regulations set out by the state and won’t put you at risk of a lawsuit for non-compliance.

Immediate Medical Assistance

Security guards are the first responders in case an unfortunate incident occurs. There isn’t always much time to wait for the EMTs or police to arrive in such emergencies. Security guards go through extensive training and know how to perform life-saving procedures such as CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) or AED (Automatic External Defibrillator).

This means having a trained and certified guard around can make a difference in life and death in some cases. If things are more under control, security guards can still help in crises and natural disasters. 

Common Roles of a Security Guard

Security guards are the watchdogs of public order. The main job of a security guard is to look for signs of suspicious activity and respond appropriately if they find something. Some other responsibilities of a security guard include:

  • Regular patrolling
  • Watch surveillance footage attentively
  • Lock doors or make sure the doors supposed to be locked are indeed locked
  • Monitor alarm systems
  • Communicate politely with the public and answer their questions
  • Perform safety and security audits
  • Check for activity in the shadows
  • Write and log daily reports
  • Follow unusual sounds
  • Contact the relevant department and facility in case of an attempt, crime, or incident.
  • Call for backup
  • Give a witness testimony in court if needed

Ready to Hire a Security Guard?
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Security is the backbone of a happy, successful community. So professional security guards deal with unpleasant surroundings, mitigate risks and danger, and make you feel at peace. 

Knowing that your monetary and human resources are safe and secure from exploitation and any kind of harm assures unmatchable satisfaction, contentment, and empowerment. If you’re considering hiring a security guard, get in touch with one of our experts at Professional Security Guards, Inc

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